The Pahar Trust is a UK based charity, registered in 1993. Its focus is raising funds for and co-ordinating school construction in Nepal. Along with other projects, more than 80 schools have been opened and 25 schools have been renovated.

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The Himalayan Trust is a charity based in New Zealand. It was established in 1960 by Sir Edmund Hillary and his wife Louise. It is a leading charity working predominately in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal, providing education support for children, as well as supporting health and environmental projects.

Option Two takes you to The Himalayan Trust donations page at This site is based in New Zealand because that is where The Himalayan Trust is registered. All donations to the givealittle page need to be made in NZ dollars as result.

All donations go directly to The Pahar Trust or The Himalayan Trust and not to the Everest Mailrun Challenge.

Currency conversion can be found at, or a guide is: 

10 pounds sterling = 20 NZ dollars; 10 euros = 16 NZ dollars; 100 Norwegian kroner = 17.50 NZ dollars; 10 US dollars = 14 NZ dollars.

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